Some Snapchat Secrets

Snapchat is just a social network, right? Wrong. Snapchat was most likely created for friends to share pictures of what they are doing with other close friends in a more casual way than other photo sharing networks. However, Snapchat has many uses outside of just casual conversations with your pals. Sometimes Snapchat can even be used to do some classic teenage girl detective work. Take the snap map, for example. We’ve all done that little one foot in the door one foot out of the door dance on our way to class hoping that we won’t run into that one person we really don’t want to see. With snap map, Snapchat really threw us a bone here. If I’m not looking my best one day, you know I will be checking the snap map to make sure no one I know is in there before I head to campus Starbucks. The way it works is that when someone creates an account on snapchat, they have the option to make their location public on the “snap map” which is a map that shows users where all their friends with their locations on are in the world.

Another super-secret way to take advantage of Snapchat is by using the snapchat “score.” Someone’s Snapchat score goes up every time they open or send a snapchat. While this trick may be a bit over the top, it can still come in handy. You think that cure girl or boy from the other weekend is ignoring your messages? You just know it can’t be 4 hours since they’ve checked snapchat? Maybe they actually are busy. There’s only one way to find out! Check if their snap score has gone up.

Snapchat stories can be a great way of subtly showing off, as well. A little staged story never hurt anyone, everyone’s doing it, I promise. Sometimes dimming the lights and throwing on a little make up to post a story might make your crush who watches it think you’re out socializing instead of in your bed with your best friends Ben and Jerry watching Friends re-runs at 3 am. It’s a simple trick, but it can be effective.

While Snapchat is a great way to communicate with friends, it has so many more fun uses. If you’re not like me and always trying to trick people into thinking that you’re cooler than you are, there are more ways to use Snapchat like a normal person, too. For example, by subscribing to different public stories Snapchat offers you can get your news, look at beauty tips, laugh at some BuzzFeed jokes and so much more. Snapchat really is revolutionizing the social media sphere by adding so many features. You can even text with our pictures or send money to people. It is definitely one of the most versatile social media platforms out there. With all the competition among social media platforms and constant addition of new features, I am excited to see what Snapchat comes up with next and how I can use it to my advantage!

If you want to learn more about Snapchat, check out their website here.